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Full care of your eyes

Nidek Tonoref III

You can have your eyes thoroughly examined by a leading specialist without having to wait. Arrange for a session and your eyes will be examined in a week, or sooner.

The examination is comprehensive – eyes and eyesight, i.e. refraction, intraocular pressure and front & rear segment of the eyeball, followed by the assessment of results, advice on further treatment and instruction on the latest recommendations of the Czech and global ophthalmologic societies.

Eye examination within a week

This service is designed for clients who do not wish, or simply cannot afford, to wait for their examination the usual 6 to 9 months – clients who appreciate flexibility and professional conduct.

Our examinations rely on the state-of-the-art devices manufactured by globally leading companies, first and foremost by Japanese NIDEK and German CARL ZEISS.