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MUDr. Kim Štěpánková, FEBO

Belonging to the top specialists in ophthalmology who practice in České Budějovice, Ms. Kim Štěpánková is the first South Bohemian physician who has been granted the much coveted FEBO fellowship. During her long practice in the Regional Hospital of České Budějovice, Ms. Štěpánková specialized primarily in the diagnostics and treatment of retina diseases, cataracts and the issues of uveology.

Education and experience

Healthcare facilities

2019 – presentPrivate outpatient eye clinic
2009 – 2018Ophthalmologic Department of Regional Hospital in České Budějovice
2008 – 2009Ophthalmologic Department of District Hospital in Jindřichův Hradec


2018Course on the Jett Plasma Lift Medical device
2018Course on the application of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid in the IPVZ Institute of Postgraduate Education
2013The European Board of Ophtalmology Diploma Examination
(passing the relevant examination in Paris and being awarded prestigious FEBO fellowship)
2013Postgraduate study to specialize in ophthalmology
2006Half-year study visit in Strasbourg, France
2002 – 2008First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague
1996 – 2002Grammar School Mikulášské náměstí, Pilsen